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    How to use pakobot on nimbuzz server (source : nimbuzzmania )


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    How to use pakobot on nimbuzz server (source : nimbuzzmania )

    Post  ZERO on Wed Aug 31, 2011 5:30 am

    As if Owners and Admins were not enuf to do the job ... now itz bot'z too in business
    So find here one of the many used bots fr u 2 play arnd n make merry
    download Pako

    Once you download configure as given below

    Open the Pako.cfg file in notepad
    # Do you want him to use SSL-Connection? True
    # Do you want him to use Compression ? True
    # Specifies JID (Jabber ID). which will be used to connect to Jabber-Server ? give your id (ex.
    # Main NickName, which bot will use as default, when entering chat-room? Any nick if wanna change
    # Password, which bot will use to connect his JID to Jabber-Server? Password of the above id
    # Do you want him to use Start-TLS when connecting? True
    # Do you want to enable logging? make all the 3 values True
    # Here you have to input the list of administartors of bot, using freespace? add ids as to who controls
    # Sign, which will be used to type bots commands as prefix? Change if required
    # The address to connect ha jabber-server in case of fail to connect casually.?
    Leave the rest as they are - save- close

    In the Dynamic folder open Rooms Base file in Notepad
    <room status="hello" nick="dirty1 (ur id)" jid="" lang="en" />

    Ur done n tym 2 EXECUTE Pako bot. (run the exe file) and follow the commands


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